May 25, 2020

[Krunker] Even beginners can easily start a game and construct a server! [Cranker]

This page deals when how to get started and how to start Krunker. This page explains how to enactment Krunker and how to construct a server. It is a must-see page for those who desire to know how to use krunker even for beginners.

table of contents

How to start (cranker) (if you want to start for the period being)
Click CLICK TO produce a result to start the game
How to begin (cranker) (if you want to prefer a game mode)
Choose the country server you want to go to
Select the game mode you want to con and begin the game
How to start (cranker) (if you desire to construct a server)
Make room settings
Press StartGame to start the game
Articles you desire to look if you’ve started playing Crankers

How to begin (cranker) (if you desire to begin for the era being)

I think that this screen will appear later you access.

This time, I want to operate immediately, suitably for the era bodily , colleague the server that is already (displayed) . This is recommended for beginners.

Click CLICK TO play-act to start the game

Click to begin the game.

The game mode is written upon the upper left, so let’s take steps according to the rules!

Click here for a list of game modes!

How to start (cranker) (if you desire to choose a game mode)

Click ServerBrowser at the summit of the first screen .

Choose the country server you desire to go to

There are many countries, fittingly pick the one you desire to play.

If you sentient in Japan, TOKYO server is recommended.

Select the game mode you desire to proceed and start the game

After selecting the server, pick the game mode you want to join.

8/8 is not filled because players are full.

Scroll beside and pick a server to enter. That’s all for selecting the game mode.

Click here for a list of game modes!

How to start (cranker) (if you desire to build a server)

Select HostGame at the top of the first screen .

Make room settings


Please pick the one you once from

I usually achievement the top four MAP names.


You realize nt have to adjoin it.


Free for every (FFA)
Team Deathmatch
Hide & Seek
Boss Hunt
Choose your favorite game mode.

If the mode you are always in is good, pick one of the top three.

Click here for a list of game modes!