May 25, 2020

An online multiplayer FPS that can be enjoyed easily behind a little number of people and in a immediate time.

An online multiplayer FPS that can be enjoyed easily later a little number of people and in a quick time.
The game mode is displayed on the upper left of the screen, release For every is individual battle, Team Deathmatch is team battle. (The red herald upon the scoreboard is the enemy.) The
weapons that can be used depend upon the class, and you can change the class from LOADOUT on the main menu.
HP condensed by broken will recover more than time.
After 5 minutes, stirring to 6 people in one room, the circular will stop and the upshot will be displayed. If you wait a little, the neighboring round will start.
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[How to start]
After loading, enter a nickname and start by clicking upon the screen.
(If nobody comes to the room, select a server and room in the SERVERS menu.)
* A browser supplementary than IE is required.

LOADOUT : Loadout
Class : Class selection
Primary: Main weapon
Secondary: Second weapon
Spray: spray mark selection

ACCOUNT : Account

SETTINGS : Various settings
Chamge Controls: Operation keys
Resolution: Resolution
Sensitivity: Mouse sensitivity
Field of View: ring of view
: Volume
Particles: Particles upon / OFF

SERVERS : Server and Room Selection
Private Game: Creating Private Rooms
Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley
Sydney: Sydney
Miami: Miami
: Singapore: Singapore

MODS : reading of remodeling MOD file

[class-by-class weapon]
Triggerman: assault rifles, pistols
Hunter: sniper rifles, pistols
Run N Gun: submachine gun
Spay N Pray: buoyant machine gun
Vince: Primary: shotgun, pistol
Detective: revolver

[ Operation]
Mouse: Aiming
Left-click: Shot
Right-click or [C]: Aim
[W] [A] [S] [D]: Move
[Space]: Jump
[Shift]: Squat
[Q] or upon Wheel: Proximity Weapon
[E] or under the wheel: auxiliary weapon
[T]: Primary weapon
[R]: Reload
[F]: Spray
[G] [H]: Action
[Z]: Drop
[X]: Check
[1]-[4] ]: Streak
[Esc]: Main menu
[Tab]: performer list
[Enter]: Chat
[V]: Voice

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